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The top of the hatch has been intentionally kept smooth and plane, making it easy to clean and allowing rain water to run straight off. Meaning less salt and dirt crusts on the window..


HartGlas®LUKE- „Expedition“
All fittings made out of high quality V4a stainless steel. 
Gas loaded spring black – coloured steel.

HartGlas®LUKE- „Marine“
All fittings made out of high quality V4a steel. In addition we the gas loaded spring is made out of stainless steel.

Special advantages:

UV protective coating:
This coating  protects the inside of your vehicle against heating - as well known from other providers.

Protection against burglary:
The key benefits are thermal insulation and protection against burglary. All fittings made using high quality V4a steel. In addition we use strengthened glass

Insect screen and sun-shade:
The windows can be delivered with insect screen and sun-shade.

Dimensions of the HartGlas®-LUKE:

small LUKE: 560 x 560 mm large LUKE: 1020 x 710 mm

exit measurements:
small LUKE: 320 x 340 mm
large LUKE: 780  x 480 mm

roof opening:
small LUKE: 500 x 500 mm
large LUKE: 655 x 960 mm

height above roof: 
83 mm

protrusion inside at wall thickness of 60 mm:: 
25 mm

min. ceiling thickness:
20 / 40 mm

Arguments to

- made with real glass
- fully insulating
- save to walk on
- suitable at high altitude
- smooth opening to any
- position
- metal locks
- hinders intruders
- lightweight 32 kg
- stainless steel fittings
- UV proof glass
- solid fiberglass frame
- sealed on two levels
- inset-screen und sunshade
- with a few adjustments fits
- into an existing “Dometic®
- HEKI 1” opening

Finest technology –
This freedom – you
have earned.