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We produce 5 standard lengths of the KCT-SysLock. This KCT-locking device consists of the following 5 components:

- recessed pan handle lock with door handle
- 3-point-lock
- lock-plate
- lock cylinder
- lock cylinder cover and frame

An additional option is our door-sealing which is custom-built.

The recessed pan handle lock is made of glass reinforced laminate. Through using this high-quality material we achieve highest strength combined with a very thin wall thickness.
All these are reasons for a high stability as well as for an elegant appearance of the door. The projecting length of the trough is only 2 millimetres and therefore provides less possibilities to contaminate. The recessed pan handle lock is coloured white and paintable in car´s colour.

Special feature:

The handle is made of stainless steel and connected with the recessed pan handle lock through an  O-ring- seal. After loosen the handle screw joint you can remove the mortise lock from the shank without damaging the door. Through disassembling the handle leaf it is also possible to prevent free-riding.

The KCT-SysLock is a locking device which is developed for special purpose vehicles and motorhomes.

For more information and technical details see our catalogue. For prices and installation costs please contact our retailers.

The handle is centrally positioned in the middle of the lock, the locking pins were arranged in the same distance to the handle. Due to this you will achieve a symmetrical design of your side-gate.
An exception is the 1730mm door lock: here the handle is not positioned in the middle, we arranged the position of the handle that it is possible to open from outside without ladder and from inside without bending down too much.

SysLock: select between 5 lengths

Lock cylinder cover and frame

Precision made of aluminum – in detail.