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Safety – the armor plate by KCT

Additional protection offered by our newly developed KCT armor plate.

This armor plate serves as an additional protection against break-in, vandalism as well as to camouflage the expedition vehicle as a truck.
Furthermore you can use the armor plate during shipments of your expedition vehicle, for a safe stopping in unpatrolled areas as well as for driving through large cities and areas affected by conflicts.

This armor plate can be hanged from the vechicle interior to the open window sash and will lock automatically when closing the window.

When opening the window it unlocks again and can be easily removed by lifting. Of course, the armor plate can also be applied on from the outside of the vehicle. To apply the armor plate on the window it takes less than 1 minute.

It requires no tools!

For KCT-windows, which are installed flush with the outside wall there is no change, it means, also together with the armor plate the window closes flush.

By the way:
The KCT armor plate is made of stainless steel, which ensures high strength and corrosion resistance.

Its surface is graved with linen pattern, which is paintable for example your car colour.

Fine - custom made

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